Cushman & Wakefield was hired to provide the full suite of real estate services for a national financial services firm, working closely with its in-house real estate team to develop and execute a strategy for aligning real estate with corporate goals and objectives.


  • Conduct a full portfolio review of the client’s real estate operations, including analysis of its delivery model, benchmarking systems, and KPIs.
  • Develop and implement a multi-faceted strategic plan.
  • Identify staffing needs and programs to improve and align administration and drive efficiency.
  • Establish meaningful metrics to drive improved performance and have better conversations about service levels and their financial impact.
  • Improve technology systems in order to streamline information gathering, improve communication, and drive better decision making.
  • Assign experts in retail leasing, capital markets, sustainability, building operations, and tenant relations to identify solutions for the client’s key areas of concern.


  • We helped launch a new, integrated service platform, including facilities management, transaction management, project management, and lease administration.
  • Real estate was aligned with enterprise business goals through market- and model-driven analysis, reducing costs and optimizing occupancy through the disposition of four properties.
  • Office and retail analysis delivered qualitative and quantitative data to drive portfolio performance, reducing vacancy and supporting enterprise growth plans.
  • A new work order system was implemented, as well as LEED Silver certification and sustainability programs, which reduced occupancy costs.